Ottawa Tiles – Enjoy the Benefits of Natural Stone Tiles in Your Home

ottawa tilesTile Usage in Ottawa
Ottawa and the surrounding suburban areas are growing steadily. The increased population is resulting in an influx of new housing construction as well. Many of these new homes are using a variety of tiles throughout the home for the unique advantages that they offer over traditional materials.
Many existing homeowners in Ottawa are also choosing to use tiles for more of their renovation needs. Tiles provide an attractive look at a reasonable price and this is leading to new uses for tiles around the home.
Tiles are a readily available building material that offers significant value for the money. They also offer benefits for installers as well as homeowners that have led to their increased popularity. The most popular types of tiles include:
Working with Tiles
It is much easier for installers to work with tiles made of porcelain and natural stone than it is to work with larger slabs of the same materials. Tiles can be manipulated and cut to fit easily in unique shapes. This provides more flexibility when it comes to customizing looks and shapes made out of tiles.
The small individual nature of tiles also means that it is much more convenient to replace a specific area of tiling. An individual tile can be removed and replaced relatively easily with minimal disruption to the surrounding area.
The installation of tiles is often simple enough that an experienced do-it-yourself homeowner should be able to successfully handle it. For natural stone and ceramic tiles, a proper installation is vital to ensuring the maximum lifespan of the tiles. The majority of situations where tiles crack are a result of poor installation.
The Benefits of Natural Stone Tiles
Natural stone tiles offer an extremely wide selection of colours, textures and finishes that will cater to every taste. There is a colour and finish of tile available to virtually suit any kind of décor possible. The unique earthy beauty and style that these tiles bring to a home is instantly noticeable and often become a source of pride.
Natural stone tiles such as marble and granite offer unsurpassed durability. Granite has a hardness that is second only to diamonds and this makes it an optimal choice for high traffic areas such as the kitchen and entryway.
Sealed natural stone is water resistant and is perfectly suited for areas such as the bathroom and laundry room where there are frequently higher levels of moisture. These tiles can also be used directly in the shower due to their ability to repel water.
One of the major selling points of natural stone tiles is the versatility that they offer. They add elegance to a home whether they are used for a kitchen backsplash or as a countertop material. They can be used to tile a floor or an entire wall. Tiles with rough edges can be covered using grout and provide a fairly inexpensive way to create a rustic appearance.
Give your home in Ottawa an instant facelift by choosing to include natural stone tiles in your next renovation project.